PSSYXT Affilacoltelli Affilacoltelli da Cucina Affilacoltelli   Accessori da Cucina Affilacoltelli Professionale a Forbice, RM022, Cina

1. Operate at different angles to achieve a multi-purpose sharpening effect: polishing, knife sharpening, coarse grinding, fine grinding, fully meeting your daily use needs.
2. Convenient operation, sharp in a few seconds, can be widely applied to different cutters or scissors of various sizes and shapes.
3. With super high hardness, durability and durability, it can be used repeatedly for a long time.
4. Placement stability, firmly placed on the surface.
5. No matter what type of knife you need to grind, our diamond sharpener can provide you with effective results. The sharpener tool is suitable for various types of knives, such as kitchen knives, chef’s knives, boneless knives, fruit knives, sushi knives,
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